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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

Surgical Services, A.S.

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2355: A.S. Degree in Surgical Services (64 Credit Hours)
CIP: 51.0909
FL CIP: 1351090901
SOC: 29-2055

This program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs,  www.caahep.org, upon the recommendation of the Accreditation Review Council on Education in Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs; 9355 113th Street N, #7709, Seminole, FL 33775, telephone 727-210-2350, fax 727-210-2354, www.caahep.org.

The Surgical Services program prepares students to work in the operating room as a Surgical Technologist. Skills are applied in the perioperative, operative and postoperative settings. Students will be introduced to the school’s program, philosophy, and requirements. Interpersonal relationship techniques, medical terminology and weights and measurements are stressed. An understanding and appreciation for the role of a Surgical Technologist in the operating room, delivery room and related areas will be obtained. The student will be introduced to self, professional and workplace management skills. The student will become aware of the surgery patient’s total needs and patient care concepts ethically, morally, legally for the surgical patients: physical, social, psychological and spiritual. Surgical consent, pre-operative routine and laboratory reports are covered and the student learns to interpret these reports. Pharmacology and principles of anesthesia administrations are stressed, with emphasis on the care and handling of drugs and solutions used in surgery, pre-operative medications, side effects, drug reactions and emergency measures used to counteract these reactions. The individuality and uniqueness of each patient is discussed. The student will learn to understand and use surgical skills in the peri-operative environment, including principles of aseptic technique and sterile technique. The student will identify, demonstrate care, assemble and handle instruments, specialty equipment and supplies used in the operating room. The student will also learn to set up a basic mayo stand, back table and perform skills as a team member during skills lab practice. The student will learn the techniques and processes involved with sterile processing and decontamination of instruments, supplies, equipment and the OR environment. Hazard preparation is covered including preparation and planning, detection and communication, incident management and support systems, safety and security, clinical/public health assessment and intervention, contingency, recovery, and public health law and ethics when dealing with disasters. The student will also understand and use principles of sanitation, sterilization and disinfection. After successful completion and passing of an instrument exam, the student will have demonstrated a basic understanding of surgical instrumentation. Laboratory practice is an integral part of this course and the student must pass a skills performance test to successfully complete this course. Microorganisms, as agents of disease and host-parasites, are studied as they apply to the practice of surgery. Maintenance of health and prevention of disease are emphasized. The student will obtain clinical experience in the surgical environment. The student will also actively participate as a scrub person during the surgical procedures with emphasis on skills developed and learned in skill laboratory.


General Education Courses

Criteria for Required Science Courses Listed Above:

  • If taken prior to acceptance in the surgical services program, these classes must be fewer than seven years old at the time of starting the first semester of the surgical services program.
  • For science courses older than seven years applicants may choose to:
    • Retake the course(s); or
    • Pass an appropriate exam administered by the Science Department. If the applicant chooses to take an exam, he or she must make the arrangements in the Science Department. Exam is $100 per course. For both of these options, the applicant must see a Health Sciences advisor.
  • All other general education courses required for the program have no time limitation.

Total Credit Hours: 64

Program Pathway

2355 - Surgical Services, A.S.  

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