Jun 22, 2024  
2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

Developmental Education Courses

The developmental education program promotes and supports student success through a variety of courses, specialized services and curriculum innovations through the college’s Liberal Arts and Sciences division. These courses prepare CF students for college and personal success by building a strong academic foundation in the core subjects of reading, writing and mathematics. We offer additional courses and workshops designed to develop effective study, life and career skills and students are encouraged to take advantage of the academic and TRIO Student Support Services program offered through the division to enhance college success. As part of the college’s enrollment process, students will be determined eligible for either our Elective Pathway or Prescribed Pathway. This determination is based on a number of factors including date of high school graduation, type of high school diploma, and military status. Details about each pathway are provided below:

Elective Pathway students are not required to submit common placement test scores or enroll in developmental education. The Elective Pathway provides students the option of taking the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) to help identify skill areas in need of additional preparation and the option of enrolling in developmental education courses as pre- or corequisites. First-Year Success Specialists can provide additional information on the developmental education options and strategies available.

Prescribed Pathway students are required to take a common placement test (PERT) to determine placement into college-level courses in English and mathematics. Based on this assessment, students may be placed in developmental education courses in one or more skill areas. In the case of international students or non-native speakers of English, placement may begin in one of our English as a Second Language courses. All of our developmental education courses provide the foundation for success in collegelevel English or math courses.

The three areas of developmental education instruction are mathematics, English (writing) and reading. The developmental education curriculum has been streamlined for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Courses are delivered in accelerated, modularized, and co-requisite formats to ensure students who need developmental education can complete these courses in one term or less.

All students recommended to enroll in developmental education may elect to seek an alternative source for remedial instruction. The alternatives may include but not be limited to a private provider, continuing education, or the Learning Support Center. First-Year Success Specialists can provide additional information on the developmental education options and strategies available.


Developmental Education or college preparatory courses do not meet the General Education requirements and are nontransferable electives. They cannot be used to meet the 60-hour graduation requirement.

Student Life Skill Courses

Student Life Skills courses meet the General Education requirements and are transferable electives. They can be used to meet the 60-hour graduation requirement. SLS1501 - College and Career Success  and SLS1122 - First Year Seminar  may be used to satisfy the computer competency requirement.

All new students are encouraged to enroll in either SLS1122 - First Year Seminar  or SLS1501 - College and Career Success  in their first semester.