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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

Nursing, R.N.

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2137: A.S. Degree in Nursing, R.N. (72 Credit Hours)
CIP: 51.1699
FL CIP: 1351380100
SOC: 29-1141

This is a limited-access program. Please consult for information on limited-access programs.

The Associate Degree Nursing, ADN, program prepares graduates to provide nursing care to individuals and groups with commonly occurring health problems in institutional and community settings. Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible to apply for licensure including taking the NCLEX-RN to become registered nurses. The ADN program is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing and accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc., 3390 Peachtree Road, NE, Suite 1400, Atlanta, Georgia 30326, telephone 404-975-5000.

Application directions are explained in the required online information session. Go to for additional information.

The Associate Degree Nursing program may be completed through either the full-time or the part-time track. In the full-time track, nursing courses are completed over four semesters. The student may take specific General Education courses along with the nursing courses.

In the part-time track, students must complete ALL nursing curriculum General Education courses PRIOR to beginning Foundations in Nursing and Clinical Concepts I. Part-time students enter the nursing program in the spring semester only. The student completes fewer nursing credits per semester, but takes nursing courses over summer as well as fall and spring semesters.

See the comparison of nursing courses for full- and part-time tracks within the online Information Session.

This program is eligible for federal and state financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office for further information about your individual eligibility.

The Economic Security Report provides students, parents, and others with employment, earnings, and other outcome information on graduates of Florida’s public institutions of higher education, e.g., State University System, Florida College System, and District Technical Centers. To view the report, please go to

Full-Time Track

Students in the Full-Time track may complete general education courses prior to beginning NUR courses, but may take them as corequisites for financial aid purposes. Students may take one of the listed alternatives in place of HUM1020.

First Clinical Semester - Spring

The full-time program also begins First Clinical Semester in Fall.

Total Credit Hours: 12

Total Credit Hours: 12

Total Credit Hours: 12

Total Credit Hours: 12

Part-Time Track

First Clinical Semester - Spring

Total Credit Hours: 8

Second Clinical Semester - Summer

Total Credit Hours: 4

Third Clinical Semester - Fall

Total Credit Hours: 7

Fourth Clinical Semester - Spring

Total Credit Hours: 6

Total Credit Hours: 5

Sixth Semester - Fall

Total Credit Hours: 9


General Education Courses

Criteria for Required Sciences (Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab, Human Anatomy and Physiology II with lab, and Microbiology with lab):

  • Must be fewer than seven years old at the time of starting the first semester of nursing.
  • For science courses older than seven years applicants may choose to:
    • Retake the course(s); or
    • Pass an appropriate exam administered by the Science Department. If the applicant chooses to take an exam, he or she must make the arrangements in the Science Department. Exam is $100 per course. For both of these options, the applicant must see a Health Sciences advisor.
  • All other general education courses required for the program have no time limitation.

Some students may need preparatory study before taking these courses. See individual course descriptions for criteria. Preparatory courses are not part of the nursing curriculum.

Total Credit Hours: 72


  • The required general education course sequencing is explained in the online information session, as are the admission process and dates.
  • Before entering the program a professional level CPR card is required which must remain current while in the program.
  • All Health Sciences candidates must undergo a criminal background check. Candidates with a criminal record may not be eligible for any CF Health Sciences program.
  • Upon acceptance into the program, a medical examination documenting sound physical and mental health, TB testing and proof of immunization are required.
  • All students are responsible for their own health/hospitalization insurance. Professional liability insurance is included in college fees.
  • It is necessary that students have reliable transportation to the assigned clinical facilities, which are located in Citrus, Levy and Marion counties.
  • Class and clinical hours may be between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Monday through Friday. Clinical hours may occur on Saturdays.
  • The CF service district is Citrus, Levy and Marion counties. In-district residents will be accepted into the nursing programs first before any consideration will be given to out-of-district applicants.
  • The ADN program policies including attendance, grading, progression, clinical behaviors and readmission guidelines are found in the student handbook that each student obtains upon beginning the program.
  • Credit for classroom/theory instruction, whether face-to-face or online, is one credit per 50-minute hour (1:1) for a 16-week semester. For nursing laboratory and clinical experience, one credit is earned for every three contact hours (1:3) for a 16-week semester. Nursing courses offered during nonstandard semesters will complete these hours within the shorter semester.

Program Pathway

2137 - Nursing, R.N., A.S.  

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