Mar 25, 2023  
2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog

Early Childhood Education, B.S.

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B201: Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education
CIP: 13.1210
FL CIP: 1101312101

The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education program offered through the Teacher Education department focuses on the development of children from age 3 through third grade, with emphasis on social, emotional, cognitive and linguistic components of child development. It is designed for associate degree graduates to build on skills for early childhood education positions requiring a bachelor’s degree. CF B.S. graduates will be eligible to apply for teacher certification in prek-primary education and endorsements in reading (K-12), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL, K-12)* and prekindergarten disabilities.

This is a limited access program. Please consult for information on limited access programs.

Students accepted for this program must have completed either an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science or Associate in Applied Science degree in an appropriate field, a GPA of 2.5 or higher and show successful completion of EDF2005 - Introduction to the Teaching Profession  and either AMH2020 - United States History Since 1877  or POS2041 - American National Government . A minimum of 60 credits from the student’s associate degree will count toward completion of the program. Additional General Education and/or Technical Specialization courses may be required.

A grade of C or better is required in all technical, program core and program specialization courses, and all courses used to satisfy the Gordon Rule requirement. Students transferring into baccalaureate programs with an A.A. degree or higher do not need to meet our General Education requirements with the exception of college level English and Gordon Rule math. These students must have successfully completed, with a grade of C or better, at least one college level English and one Gordon Rule math course. General Education courses must total 36 credits. The A.A. or higher degree must be from an accredited institution but can be public, private and/or out of state.

Successful completion of courses with assigned observation or field placement components includes, but is not necessarily limited to, completion of all paperwork, meeting timelines, and professional responsibilities associated with field/clinical experiences. Students may be required to obtain and pass an FDLE Level II background screening, and any other site-based requirements, prior to beginning field experience. Any student who does not pass required background screenings may choose to withdraw from the course and forfeit all fees.

*The ESOL endorsement is partially infused and requires two stand-alone courses: LIN2740 - Applied Linguistics  and EDF2085 - Introduction to Diversity ; which are program requirements. The reading and prekindergarten disabilities endorsements are infused into the 36 credits.

Graduation requirements for this program are a GPA of 2.5, passing of all professional courses with a grade of C or better and passing scores on the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (General Knowledge, Professional Education, and Prek-Primary Education).

Questions should be directed to the advisor for teacher education or the Associate Vice President for Career and Professional Programs.

This program is eligible for federal and state financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office for further information about your individual eligibility.


Total Credit Hours: 123

Note: Total Program Hours also includes 60 credit hours of course work completed at the associate degree level.

LIN2740 - Applied Linguistics  is needed for ESOL endorsement. This course adds an additional three credits to the total program hours for a total of 123 credit hours.

General Education/Technical Specialization Courses

General Education and Technical Specialization courses will be comprised of those General Education or area-related Technical Specialization courses needed to fulfill the requirements of the program. These courses will vary based on the student’s associate-level coursework. Students will work with their advisor to choose the necessary coursework for their program.

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