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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

Tuition and Fee Waivers

Fee Waivers and Exemptions

The president or the president’s designee is authorized to waive tuition and fees in accordance with the Florida Statutes and Florida Board of Education Rules.

To the extent required by law, registration fees (defined to include all fees normally collected as part of the registration process) will not be assessed for those categories of students specifically exempted by Florida Statutes and Florida Board of Education Rules, including students enrolled under dual enrollment and early admission agreements between the college and the school districts in its service area. (Florida Statutes 1001.64, 1009.23, 1009.25, 1009.26, 1009.27, 1010.03, 1011.83; Florida Administrative Code 6A-14.054; CF Board Policy 5.08)


Third-party Authorization

If all or part of registration fees are being paid by an external agency which requires billing (employer, Florida Prepaid Program, Vocational Rehabilitation, Career Source, a government agency or out-of-state 529 plan, etc.), the student is responsible for communicating with their agency representative to determine if the agency will notify the college of their intent to pay or if it will be the student’s responsibility for notification. When the student is responsible for payment notification, a current form of authorization (letter, card, voucher, purchase order, etc.) which specifies the semester and indicates a dollar amount (for fees and/or books) will be supplied to the student by their sponsoring agency. The student must submit this authorization to the Department of Student Accounts. The document must be sent via email to studentaccounts@cf.edu prior to the fee due date indicated on their registration form. If the current authorization is not presented, the student’s account will not be credited properly and the student may be dropped from all courses, and/or be responsible to pay the fees. The student is responsible for payment of any balance remaining after 60 days from the start date of the semester. Thirdparty authorizations for book charges require a separate purchase order or letter addressed to the CF Bookstore that must be presented to the bookstore manager.


Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan

Students who participate in the Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan must email their Florida Prepaid Identification Card to studentaccounts@cf.edu each semester they register for classes as well as whenever they make a change during the add/drop period of each semester. The email must contain their name, student ID#, semester they would like to apply their FLPP to, and the amount of credits. The card must apply to the appropriate academic year and be signed by the student. Students participating in this program are responsible for any amounts not covered by their plan. Any remaining balance must be paid by the fee due date on the student’s schedule.


Florida State Employee Fee Waivers

Per Section 1009.265, Florida Statutes:

State employees are defined as full-time employees of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government, except for persons employed by a state university. State employees can receive tuition and fee waivers for up to six (6) credit hours per semester on a space-available basis. At CF, space available is defined as anytime during the add period. State employees must complete an Application for State Employee Fee Waiver. State Employee Fee Waivers are not applicable to noncredit classes. Employment verification will be obtained by the Office of Financial Aid through the Bureau of State Payrolls website.


  • Tuition waiver verification will be confirmed on the state database through the State Payrolls website.
  • State employees are responsible for paying admission application fees.
  • State employees must complete all admission requirements, including the Application for Admission, placement testing and transcripts, etc.
  • State employees must register in person during the add period each semester. Registration is for classes on a space available basis only and cannot occur prior to the add period (no deferments, no reimbursements).
  • Tuition will be waived for a maximum of six (6) credits, (lab fees are not covered). Waiver is for college credit courses including Career and Technical Certificate courses (vocational credit); it is not applicable to noncredit (continuing education) courses or adult education courses. Courses to which the fee waiver is to be applied must be indicated on the waiver form.
  • Courses must be taken for a grade; they may not be taken as audit.
  • Tuition waiver verification must be assessed each term. If verification is not confirmed, the student will be responsible for tuition and fees. Fees will be assessed at the resident rate.
  • Tuition waiver is for the current term of registration only. It is not retroactive.


  1. State employee must complete all admission requirements prior to registering for class(es).
  2. State employee must complete the Application for State Employee Fee Waiver available in the financial aid forms section of the FInancial Aid tab in the MyCF student portal and submit the form to the Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid will file the original letter and forward a copy to the Office of Enrollment Services.
  3. Once the employee is admitted to CF, or if the employee is a current student, he/she may register for classes, on a space available basis, during the add period.
  4. The Office of Financial Aid will post the fee waiver.
  5. The state employee must pay any fees not covered by the fee waiver at the cashier’s window. (CF Board Policy 5.08; CF Administrative Procedure Fee Waivers)

Military Honoree Tuition Waiver

Per Florida Statute 1009.26(8b), the college shall waive tuition for undergraduate college credit programs and career and technical programs for each recipient of a Purple Heart or another combat decoration superior in precedence who:

  1. is enrolled as a full-time, part-time, or summer school student in an undergraduate program that terminates in a degree or certificate
  2. is currently, and was at the time of the military action that resulted in the awarding of the Purple Heart or other combat decoration superior in precedence, a resident of Florida; and
  3. ubmits to the college the DD-214 form issued at the time of separation from service as documentation that the student has received a Purple Heart or another combat decoration superior in precedence.

Such a waiver for a Purple Heart recipient or recipient of another combat decoration superior in precedence shall be applicable for 110 percent of the number of required credit hours of the degree or certificate program in which the student is enrolled.

The student must complete CF’s Waiver for Recipients of Purple Heart of Superior Combat Decorations form located in the financial aid forms section of the Financial Aid tab in the MyCF student portal. (CF Board Policy 5.08; CF Administrative Procedure Fee Waivers)


Disabled Veterans Tuition Waiver

Per House Bill 45, disabled veterans who receive GI Bill education assistance, but who do not qualify for the 100 percent eligibility tier federally will receive a waiver in the amount that is the difference between the portion of tuition and fees authorized under federal law and the full amount of tuition and fees.


Homeless Youth Tuition Waiver

Per House Bill 1577 and 7065, students who meet McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act definitions may be eligible to receive a waiver of tuition and fees only.


Former Foster Youth Tuition Waiver

Per Senate Bill 7034, a student who was subject of a shelter, dependency, or a termination of parental rights proceeding, and who was/is in out-of-home care, adopted, or in permanent guardianship may be eligible to receive a waiver of tuition and fees.