Apr 20, 2024  
2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

Credit by Departmental Examination

Evidence of proficiency in a subject area qualifies a student to request a departmental examination in departments where exams are provided. Students may not apply for credit by departmental examination in a course where they have  received either an A, B, C, D, F, I or W for work attempted, or if they have earned credit for an advanced course in that area. Credits earned will not be included on the official college transcript until the student has completed a minimum of 12 credits at CF.

  1. The student must contact the department chair/program manager in the department where departmental exams are provided.
  2. Based on advice from the departmental contact, the student must complete the upper portion of the Credit by Departmental Exam/Experiential Learning registration form.
  3. The dean/associate vice president and the department chair will review student’s request with the student. If approved, the process for completing the exam will be explained.
  4. The student must take the approved registration form and payment to the cashier. A per course fee must be paid prior to the administration of the exam.
  5. Upon registration for the departmental exam and payment of the fee, the student must schedule the exam within five working days.
  6. The departmental representative will schedule the exam within 10 working days after being contacted by the student.
  7. The dean/ associate vice president will monitor the exam process in order to verify evidence (passing exam score) of competency.
  8. Upon satisfactory completion of the exam, the dean/associate vice president forwards, by memo, the results to the Office of Enrollment Services. A grade of S will be submitted forpassed departmental exam.
  9. Upon receipt of the memo, the Office of Enrollment Services will notify the student the grade has been received.
  10. Credit by departmental exam may not be attempted a second time for the same course.
  11. The S grade will appear on the transcript in the semester following completion of 12 credit hours.