Nov 27, 2022  
2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog


  1. The student may withdraw without academic penalty from any course by the midpoint in the semester. [F.A.C. 6A-14.0301 1(a).] Check the college calendar for withdrawal deadlines.
  2. The student will be permitted a maximum of two withdrawals per course. Upon the third attempt, the student will not be permitted to withdraw and will receive a grade for that course. [F.S. 1009.28 and F.A.C. 6A-14.0301 1(b).]
  3. Preparatory students who have completed 12 hours of college credit coursework before completing all college preparatory  courses must maintain continuous enrollment in college preparatory coursework each semester and may not withdraw from their sole preparatory course while remaining in other college credit coursework. [F.S. 1008.30 4(a) and F.A.C. 6A- 10.0315(20).]
  4. Audit students can withdraw at any time.
  5. A student (credit, college credit certificate or audit) who withdraws from all classes must begin official withdrawal procedures by seeing an advisor, department chair or program manager. The college calendar gives specific deadlines for withdrawing from the college.
  6. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from a course by the withdrawal deadline date for the current semester if he/she can no longer continue to attend class and/or feels he/she cannot pass the course. Instructors may not initiate a withdrawal on the behalf of the student. If the student stops attending a class and does not withdraw properly, the student will earn an F grade for that class.

NOTE: A withdrawal may not be processed if the request is for the student’s third attempt at a course; the removal of a sole preparatory course if the student has earned 12 college credits; or if the student is a high school dual enrollment student and the permission of the high school counselor, home school parent and CF dual enrollment advisor has not been granted. Withdrawal(s) may be reversed and a grade issued for a course as a disciplinary action resulting from breeching the college’s Academic Integrity and Honor Code.